My golden scales determined that Hector’s time had come. I gave Athena permission to trick Hector into facing Achilles. I feel for the poor warrior, with Achilles disgracing his corpse.

And with Hector’s death, Troy will soon fall….



Athena defeated Ares and Aphrodite in the battle. Apollo is being rather noble, considering that his city is destined to fall.

Poseidon challenged him to a duel, but my sensible brother believed that it wasn’t worth it to fight over mortals. I encouraged him, but Hera told me to be quiet.


That blasted Apollo almost had Aeneas killed! I know I am not fond of Trojans, but Aeneas is destined for greater things….

Aphrodite and I are now healing him.

You’d think that Apollo would stop his meddling, but Hector was almost stabbed by Achilles. The prophecy is not yet ready for his death.


Zeus called a meeting of the Olympians. He has allowed participation of the gods in the war; if Achilles enters the battle unchecked, Troy will fall before its destined time. Ah, my good city.

We have all gathered on Earth, most of us resolving to not interfere. But before I resign myself to that, I have encouraged Aeneas to challenge Achilles.

We shall see how that goes.


Agamemnon presented Achilles with his gifts, as promised for returning to the battle, as well as returning that troublesome girl, Briseis.

He mourns Patroclus now, but soon he must go to war. I have robbed the Trojans of their wits, so they have agreed to fighting Achilles.


My poor son has just heard of Patroclus’ death at the hands of Hector. I heard his wailing from the ocean, and I’ve promised to watch over Patroclus’ body until burial. I asked Hesphaestus to forge Achilles a new set of armour, if he waits one day for his revenge.

Achilles has agreed to return to battle; but I fear that revenge will overwhelm him. Oh, my dear son.