Characters of the Trojan War

Gods of Olympus:

Zeus: god of the sky and thunder, chieftain of Olympus, husband of Hera, Roman god Jupiter
Hera: goddess of marriage and family, Queen of the gods, wife of Zeus, Roman goddess Juno
Poseidon: god of the sea, brother of Zeus. Roman god Neptune
Athena: goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, daughter of Zeus, Roman goddess Minerva
Apollo: god of light and sun, music and poetry, son of Zeus, twin brother of Artemis, patron god of Troy
Artemis: goddess of the hunt, daughter of Zeus, twin sister of Apollo, Roman goddess Diana
Ares: god of war and violence, son of Hera and Zeus, hated by all other gods (except Aphrodite), Roman god Mars
Aphrodite: goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus, mother of Aeneas, Roman goddess Venus
Thetis: sea nymph, mother of Achilles
Cebren: god of the river

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Hector: greatest Trojan warrior, son of Priam and Hecuba, brother of Paris
Paris: Prince of Troy, elopes with Helen of Sparta, son of Priam and Hecuba, brother of Hector
Aeneas: Trojan warrior, future ancestor of the Romans, son of Aphrodite
Priam: King of Troy
Hecuba: Queen of Troy

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Menelaus: King of Sparta, husband of Helen
Helen: the most beautiful woman in the world, wife of Menelaus, elopes with Paris of Troy, demigod of Zeus
Agamemnon: Prince of Sparta, brother of Menelaus
Iphigenia: daughter of Agamemnon, sacrificed to Artemis
Nestor: King of Pylos, advisor in the Trojan War
Achilles: Greek hero of the Trojan War, invulnerable except at his heel, son of Thetis.
Patroclus: dearest friend of Achilles, formidable Greek warrior
Diomedes: great Greek warrior
Ajax: great Greek warrior, fabled to be stronger than all of Greece.

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