For nine long years, the Greeks have been in Troy. They ransacked a village the other day and captured some hostages.

The daughter of a priest of mine, Chryseis, was taken by the Greek commander, Agamemnon. Her father, the faithful Chryses, is devastated. Agamemnon has refused all offers of ransom, so the priest has asked me for my help.

I’ve set a plague upon the Greek camp over these past 10 days. At last, Achilles has found the sense to ask a soothsayer to find the cause.

There is now a huge fight between Achilles and Agamemnon; and foolish Agamemnon has threatened to take Achilles’ girl, Briseis, as compensation. Achilles quickly lost his temper (as expected) and was poised to kill Agamemnon. Luckily, Hera sent dear Athena to give the young warrior some guidance. The Queen of Olympus seems to look out for the Greeks.


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